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"Turned On With A Tickle"



        “You want to know what really turns me on?” Erik breathed into Alice’s ear.

“You know I do,” Alice said, running her fingers around his belly button. 

“Promise not to laugh?” Erik said, raising his eyebrows and softly caressing her cheeks.

“I promise,” she said, grinning.

“Well...what really turns me on...”

Color rose in his cheeks as he bit his upper lip.

“You see...I love to be tickled.”

Sitting across Erik’s lap as she was, Alice would have bet money that she felt his manhood jump at those words.

Alice grinned a little wider at Erik. He looked anxiously into her eyes for approval.

“Tickling turns you on, eh?” she asked, dancing her fingertips along his exposed sides and ribs.

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” he giggled, fidgeting at her touch.

“Tell me what you like,” she said.

“Well,” Erik said, blushing furiously at being forced to talk about this.

“Ummm, I like it when I’m tickled and I can’t stop it.”

“You mean like when you are tied up?” Erik reddened further.

“Yeah, like that.”

Erik noticed that Alice’s nipples were hardening under her top, signifying that just talking about this was exciting her.

“How do you like to be tied up when you are tickled?”

Erik bit his lip and couldn’t look her in the eye. It was an adorable reaction she thought.

Breathing deeply, Erik said, “I like to be tied...all spread out...”

“Spread-eagled,” she helped.

“...ummm, yeah...and I like to be naked...and blindfolded...”

Erik couldn’t look at her, so deep was his embarrassment.

“What about gagged?”

            “Gagged? Ummm, that might be good too.”

            “So it would turn you on if I tied you up, naked and spread-eagled, blindfolded and gagged, and tickled you?”

Erik could not stop blushing. “Well...Alice.”

“Well what?”

“Only if you really, really tickled me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean...the part that turns me on is when I can’t take it anymore but I have to.”

She grinned. “So you want me to tickle torture you?”

Erik lowered his ocean blue eyes and nodded. Alice forced his head up with a hand under his chin and looked him in the eye.

“I can do that for you, and I’m not laughing.”

Erik smiled a relieved smile as he sensed her arousal was already growing.

They rose from the couch and she led Erik into her bedroom.

Walking over the to bed, Alice, reaching under her bed and pulled out a shoebox. From this she withdrew four short lengths of rope, a blindfold, and a roll of duct tape. Erik colored crimson as she did all this, but the cat was out of the bag at this point, and there was no going back. Erik began to undress.

Alice, lying across the bed with legs wide open, watched silently as Erik undressed. Erik could tell by the wetness between her legs that she was already turned on, but he decided not to call her on it.

When he was completely nude, Erik lay on his back and stretched his muscular arms and legs out to the four corners of the bed. Alice wasted no time in securing his wrists and ankles to the bedposts. She was no expert in these things, so she had to adjust a few of the bonds, but soon she had Erik spread-eagled and tied tightly.

Alice slipped the blindfold over Erik’s eyes and adjusted it so the blindfold would not slip off as she stole a little kiss.

“Can you see anything?”


“Can you move anything?”

Erik wiggled a bit.


            “How do you feel?” she asked.

“Helpless,” Erik said quietly.

“Do you like the way you feel?”


“How much?”

“A lot.”

The hard arousal and firmness of his nipples confirmed his words.

“I almost forgot. Where are you ticklish?”

“Everywhere,” Erik said, his lip trembling. She could see his grin of approval.

 “Last question before I gag you. How will I know when you’ve had enough?”

“You won’t.”

“Fair enough.” She ripped off a piece of tape.

“Wait, one more thing,” Erik said.

“What babe?”

“Be merciless.”

“Don’t worry. I will,” she said as she stretched the tape across his tight lips.

She stepped back to admire her prize. Erik was athletic, a former college linebacker, and good genes and a healthy lifestyle had given him a muscular build. Erik was tall, just about 6 feet but everything about him was down to earth and graceful. Erik had strong powerful arms, a ticklish tummy and a muscular 46” chest with very sensitive nipples.

Alice’s smile lit up the room and her eyes were focused on Erik.

Erik was handsome under normal circumstances, but like this he was downright irresistible. Something about having Erik so totally at her mercy was empowering to her. The urge rose within her to ravage Erik right then and there, but she had a job to do, and she was not going to let Erik down. She would tickle him without mercy, and he would enjoy every minute of it.

Erik had said he was ticklish everywhere, so she tested out this theory. She swept the pads of her fingertips along his collarbone.

Erik giggled into the tape gag and shifted a bit.

“My, my...you are ticklish, aren’t you?” Erik nodded and uttered a muffled, “Mmmm-hmmm.”

           Alice walked around the bed, trying to decide where to tickle him first. There was so much for this lovely beauty to choose from and it all looked so tempting. She spotted his feet as she rounded the foot of the bed, and stopped to check them out.

Erik’s feet were long and smooth, like the rest of him. He had cute toes that curled nicely, when tickled... The skin of his feet appeared to be buttery soft, and there wasn’t a blemish or callus to be seen. Erik had smooth, wrinkle free soles, high arches, toes that progressively grew smaller, and his feet smelled slightly of peppermint oils. She found his feet flawless, and a perfect place to begin his tickle torture.

She had tied Erik firmly, so that his ankles lay flush with the bedpost, leaving his feet dangling beyond the end of the bed. There would be no way for him to avoid her tickling touch. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, she reached out with both hands and spider-walked her fingertips down the length of both of his creamy soles.

Erik reacted as though someone were running a high voltage of electricity through his body. The bed frame bounced and shifted from the sheer force of his spasm, and a scream of surprise and ticklishness filtered out through his tape gag. She’d only tickled him for a moment, but his feet wiggled and protested madly as though she were still torturing them. She giggled to herself, pleased at Erik’s reaction.

As valiant as his efforts were to avoid further tickling, there was really nothing stopping her from torturing Erik’s ultra sensitive soles at will. Erik could flail and thrash all he wanted, but his feet were going to remain right there, completely immobile and totally at her mercy. They were so sensitive, and so helpless, they practically begged to be tickle tortured. After all, Erik had asked for this, hadn’t he? She settled into a more comfortable position as she planned on being down at this end of the bed for quite some time.

Alice reached out and danced her fingernails up and down the pampered flesh of his soles repeatedly, causing Erik to buck wildly at her every touch. Erik writhed as much as the ropes holding him to the bed would allow, but his struggling was for naught, and the tickling went on unabated. Erik’s muffled screams and protests and guffaws went unheeded as his wish to be mercilessly tickled was granted. From where she knelt, she had a perfect view of the trembling of his thighs and the arousal of his manhood. Being tickled past his limits did indeed turn Erik on.Alice found that it was not just the bottoms of his slender feet that were sensitive to her tickling touch; it was everywhere. The tops of his feet; the sides of his feet; the ridge underneath his curling and clenching toes, even the hidden little spaces in between his toes, all were off the charts ticklish.

It did not seem to matter how she tickled him either. When she turned her nails into a mindless, tickling claw, Erik screeched in protest. When she pitter-patted her nails softly around Erik’s ticklish belly button, Erik giggled like a schoolgirl. When she focused on that one particular spot, he howled like a banshee. And when she ran her fingertips as fast as she could along and around the entirety of Erik’s feet, he flopped around on the bed and laughed like a madman.

She was fascinated by how tickling turned Erik on. How had she not known how fun and erotic this could be? Every spot on Erik’s body was like a ticklish road map that needed to be traveled. Every nook and cranny and crevice and curve offered a new ticklish delight to be enjoyed. Erik could feel that the wetness between her legs had intensified and her nipples felt painfully hard, but Alice was not the only one enjoying herself. His manhood was straining for release and it jumped each time Alice discovered yet another ticklish treasure spot on his muscular body.

Alice noticed by her watch that she had been torturing Erik for a good fifteen minutes and he was struggling and laughing as hard now as he was when she first touched him. Apparently there was no bottom to the well of Erik’s ticklishness, at least not when it came to his bellybutton!

Erik had intended to submit his entire ticklish and sensitive body to the full tickles treatment, but the problem was he found his need for release growing urgent already.

Watching Erik’s bound form squirm in vain, listening to his cries of desperation and exerting her will so freely like this had all combined to elevate her lust to new levels. Alice knew that she wouldn’t be able to tickle him much longer before she had to have him, so any plans she had for giving him the full once over would have to wait until another time. And as for giving Erik what he had asked for, well, she sincerely hoped that Erik would not be disappointed with what she’d done thus far.

Alice broke off from tickling Erik just long enough to slip out of her shorts. Erik barely had time to recover before her fingernails were prancing along his sides once again. Her tickling did not cease as she maneuvered herself onto the bed between his muscular legs.

            Erik was most likely too far gone in the throes of ticklish agony to notice her presence on the bed. She loomed above him, tickling both feet, looking down at the awesome sight that was Erik’s naked, stretched form, wriggling in protest, steaming with desire. Her willpower failed her.

Alice lowered herself onto Erik, and as she fell forward to prop herself on her elbows, her fingernails found the flesh pulled taut against his ribs on either side. Erik arched his back, out of ecstasy or as an act of futile resistance, he did not know. In truth, he was too consumed with lust to care. He drove up into her warm and waiting sex again and again, all the while she mercilessly tickle tormented his sides and belly button.

The gag muffled all his sounds, so it was impossible to tell which sounds represented the ticklish madness he was enduring and which represented the heights of pleasure he was experiencing. One thing was for sure. Erik was in a world that was both Heaven and Hell all at once, and she alone had the power to grant him bliss or condemn him to damnation. This thought put him over the top.

As Erik exploded, Alice felt him arch and tremble again and again. Erik lifted them both off the bed with the power of his release. Erik suspected that she was experiencing multiple orgasms, but even if that were the case, he couldn’t imagine that she was feeling anything better than what he was enjoying as he let loose inside her. He could not say whether it was the magnitude of their arousal, or exchange of power between them, or some combination of the two, but never before had passion been so good or so right.

Alice untied Erik, and they lay quietly on the bed in each other’s arms. Erik seemed to be in a semi-catatonic state, off somewhere in his mind, reliving the experience. A smile of radiant satisfaction was on her face, and Alice had no doubt that she had lived up to Erik’s expectations.

As for Alice, she was excited because Erik had opened her up to a whole new world of pleasure that she never knew existed. She knew that this was not the last time they would play like this, and she suspected that it would only get better as they found more ways to tease and pleasure each other.

Erik saw their future, a future where tying and tickling and earth shattering passion was a way of life laid out before them, and he had her courage to thank for it. He kissed Alice tenderly as they drifted off to sleep, both of them dreaming of the long nights and ticklish delights they would be enjoying again and again.   



~  ~  ~


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